Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"spring psalm"

Looking back to the Spring/Summer 2014 prints illustration collaboration with Patrick Owen; Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 show shot by Fashion Channel.

insensitive sensitivity, #1.

Being in a fucked up situation, having a fucked up past, does not justify you to fuck up anyone else. Ever. Unless it's the one person who fucked you up in the beginning... :D

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Illustrating Manea, for Suddenly's Dark Deities collection. Manea is now available in t-shirt, tank top, and mini dress with hoodie. Visit their page to see the rest of the evil deities from various artists.

Based on the Greek mythology, Manea, the goddess of insanity, is a primeval being whose existence began long before there were men on earth. Manifesting madness in all sorts of nature, her divine power is capable of possessing the thoughts, emotions, words, and actions of a human being, and even a god.
 { Sources: Wikipedia, Theoi Greek Mythology, Greek Mythology Link. }

Photographer: Ocha Moffatt
Photo Art Direction: Suddenly
MUA: Muli Ong
Print Illustrator: Tatiana Romanova Surya

Monday, March 24, 2014


*playing: Ha - HTRK

Yasser Rizky: Ambassadors of Time for Jacques Lemans

"K and O"

Illustrations for Kenzo's photos by Jacky Suharto, styled by Margaretha Novianty, for Plaza Indonesia's exhibition with L'Officiel Indonesia.

The first two are actually the earlier versions that were rejected by the running parties. They are the ones published here because I selfishly still prefer them instead of the final edit results. Despite of the oh so heart-thumping troubles they might  had caused to the running parties, it was an exciting project for me to work on, with many thanks to the very kind stylist and photographer who had invited me to participate :)

"escape to the great sunshine"