Monday, August 24, 2009

tribute to the style candy

Face Hunter is one of my top favorite blogs ever. I adore the styles, the characters, the colors that Mr. Yvan Rodic captures in all his delicious photos. They've been yummy inspirations even to my work as a graphic designer.

In my drawing practice, I try to do some graphic illustrations based on his photos. Barely perfect, but are some of the most enjoyable drawings I've played with. :)

{ the face hunter }

{ blank }

{ inspirations from face hunter }

[ pencil + watercolor + illustrator + photoshop ]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

oodle dancing

Oh...they're playing The Wannadies' You and Me Song at the radio...let's dance...

yap yap

Oodle doodling it is...

{ mr. ungerblip }

{ bow tie boy }

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

august sunday morning

I heart my home. My teenie-weenie-on-the-corner house in Bogor.
I heart having a Sunday morning at home.

Lemi is my petite sister. She has just started college this month (holy crap...COLLEGE! damn I'm fookin old...). When she was small, I used to dress her up with any kind of fabric I could find lying around. I made her gowns and skirts and other rubbishee yaddi yadda clothes tied up in places.

Yesterday, for the sake of that old memory ( :P ) I dressed her up again with her favorite outfits and some of my favorite accessories, and took some shots in my favorite spots at home.
{ Pardon the poor picture quality since a proper camera is still in my wish list, not yet in my pocket :D }

Mami is an awesome gardener. Our teenie weenie garden is so pretty thanks to her loving hands.

Those brown and white bracelets were Mami's old necklaces from way back when she was in her twenties. Now I wear them mostly as bracelets.

They're so common, but just yummy in my eyes.

Papi painted the walls all in light yellow next to the tiny grey door. I often imagine it opens to another universe. (" long and prosperous... " quoting Spock) :D

Papi's old bow tie is now one of my most darling necklaces.

I love Lemi's red stocking and new red shoes. I have the exact same pair in yellow.

Friday, August 14, 2009

filterpops hymne

meet them at the nearest store
they join me like a fetus whore
flicking hard the gassy stick
and burn it up straight rising dick
they always say they're very bad
but i think they're just a little mad
they give me time to digest my soda
bringing just a tiny bit of euphoria
faking fake get over it
when all the pricks of la vie hit
i burn them all
they shrink and fall
my filterpops beside my bed
i dry you up i clean you dead
and yet they wait at the nearest store
to join me like a fetus whore

{ lyric corner volume 01, 2006 }

les mixes, volume 1

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the scene

on the dance floor they shot the deal

with a melancholic looking eel

after a dumb night tequila peal

to find the murderer of the authentic feel

{ lyric corner volume 01, 2005 }

skeptical sketches, volume 2

I heart learning to draw.

Another compilation of the oldie sketchies from long ago.
{ Go! Go! Practice! Practice! More! More! } :D

{ untitled }

{ untitled }

{ my week beats your year }

{ eye see eye }

{ requiem }

{ self portrait }

{ sexy sadie }

{ sketsa nanah 01 }

{ sketsa nanah 02 }

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

j'adore mod cloth vol.01

These are my current shoeeey wish list from the awesome online store mod cloth (click for a larger view of these babies, or better, go to mod cloth).
Unfortunately they are not affordable for moi (at least for now), a working class chick in a third world country :D
But do hear me day...I WILL have my three-stories shoe closet...big enough to hide even Mecha-Streisand herself!
Arrr arrr!

{ The Tellteal Wedges }

{ Shady Lane Booties }

{ River Delta Heels }

{ Bibliophile Heels }

unworthy polly, volume 2

{ second part in the polly series }

unworthy polly
finds one more folly
of believing to be worthy
from a moment of playing lovely

it' s just a game really

so polly will see

as worthy as the reality
how love may set you free
she will remain to be

skeptical sketches, volume 1

Heart drawings.
Can not draw.
Want to learn to draw.
Am learning to draw.
Heart learning to draw.

Seeing these oldie sketchies reminds me to practice some more :D

Once I applied a design job at a local TV. They rejected after seeing my drawing in the psychological test. My friend told me, that her friend that was working at that local TV said my drawings were too ...creepy... they were worried that I'm some kind of a psychopath or whatever...hahaha... :P

{ unworthy polly }

{ along }

{ beautiful }

{ je t'aime }

{ loathe e }

{ loca zbeiderinovskova }

{ mrs. toe scheiphenhyre }

{ my one-eyed cookie }

{ pour me a pile of milk }

{ toe scheiphenhyre }