Thursday, August 13, 2009

skeptical sketches, volume 2

I heart learning to draw.

Another compilation of the oldie sketchies from long ago.
{ Go! Go! Practice! Practice! More! More! } :D

{ untitled }

{ untitled }

{ my week beats your year }

{ eye see eye }

{ requiem }

{ self portrait }

{ sexy sadie }

{ sketsa nanah 01 }

{ sketsa nanah 02 }


  1. I'm in looooooveeee with your drawings!! super cool!
    my favorite is drawing number 2( a girl with a cat) wicked!
    I hope you can draw me someday! XD

  2. awwh thank you so much evita! *blusing*
    looove to draw you! and i will! when i get the time soon (please pardon since my work hour is evil T_T)...i'll send it to you when it's done ;D

  3. saya juga mau gambar nya!! saya saya saya sukaaa awwww ;D

  4. trima kasiii! horeee horeee mariii mariiiii ;D

  5. ohmy, I've just found your blog and your draws! epic, beauty, and prfect. you're very very amazing. Keep drawin'