Thursday, July 28, 2011


Continuing the series, this is the second part. Project from Tangerine Design, illustration for the promotional items of Iwan Fals' concert themed "Tanah" { Earth }. Requested detail: Batak touch. All graphic designing are done by Tangerine Design.

|  illustrator + photoshop  |

Thankiu Tania! :">

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

today, i return to saturn... my { not yet yellow } yellow submarine!

There goes one life list getting checked. Next...Paul slash Ringo live in concert? *and there goes hoping*

{ based on George Dunning's Yellow Submarine, design and tattoo work and photo by the amazing Mulie Addlecoat, Thinking Tree Tattoo. }

*Thank you so muchooo mbah Mulie for the wonderful work and everything! Can't wait to get it colored!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

suddenly's black cocoon

My darling demon friend Suddenly has opened their black cocoon at Koloni, Mall of Indonesia, last June. Here's a little peek at their haunted hut...

{ a bloody welcome }

{ enter freely of your own will... }

{ rows of haunted shirts }

{ free pins for cocoon visitors wearing any suddenly item }

{ the grim and the ghost of suddenly }

Congratulations girls! :*
*All photos from Suddenly's Cocoon, go there for more of the tour.

Friday, July 1, 2011

ear candy, volume 05.

"My heart is located at the bottom corner of my left boob. It's big and red and veiny. It has a lot of work to do but it manages to keep up. So far.

I push it to the limit to see how far it will go. I'll push it to the limit with everything without hesitating. I'd rather make the effort of pushing it and not worrying what effect it will have than live boring and not push it at all. Whether I run 10 miles or jump out of a plane or have sex for 12 hours straight. It's about making my heart work hard. That's what I enjoy."

/// Beat 204, Unlimited, from 365 Heartbeats