Tuesday, July 12, 2011

today, i return to saturn...

...in my { not yet yellow } yellow submarine!

There goes one life list getting checked. Next...Paul slash Ringo live in concert? *and there goes hoping*

{ based on George Dunning's Yellow Submarine, design and tattoo work and photo by the amazing Mulie Addlecoat, Thinking Tree Tattoo. }

*Thank you so muchooo mbah Mulie for the wonderful work and everything! Can't wait to get it colored!!!


  1. *drums rollin'*
    My sugar candy bubbly dubbly girl!
    How wonderful. Beautiful spot, beautiful illustration, perfect size. Love it when things turn out better as I imagine. Can't wait to see the final art.

    Still didn't make it to the Facebook, please bare with me ... So a lil' surprise here, sweet vampire kiss on your cheek with a warm and squeezing hug. Quick chit chat and a promise of the news update ~ with pictures ~ soon.
    *twilight zone opening music*

    If I don't post a comment doesn't mean I don't read your blog regularly. *smiles*

    ... and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgMn2OJmx3w

  2. Ah, here html language works ... So
    This is Man eating machine.

  3. Uriii Uriii!!! yes i'm really happy with it, will get it colored in two weeks. i'm hoping to continue the design all through the back one day... *bloody scratches on the wall*

    don't worry about facebook, you can haunt me whenever wherever you like!

    a lil surprise? aaa what is it? can't wait for the pictures!!!

    loving it sooo much that you're a regular visitor here, my vampy queen *blush blush* ...aaand loving the corporate cannibal too! it got me in a killing mood again tonight *evil giggles with silly thunder on the back*

    till we greet again, queen nosferatu! *biiiiiiig smooch*

  4. Sugar bloody sugaaaar sweet Popok! Fkn y-e-a-h for continuing the design all through the back. *thunder high five* *hats off to this*

    And aaaa for the surprise misunderstanding, now you got me thinking what to do more ... Cos I meant surprise here, the comment. *silly thunder on the back* *more Twilight zone music*

    Huuge Nosferatu greet smooch!
    *always eager to see what you are about to commit next*

  5. ahahaha whoopsie my bad Uri :"> *butty cheeky blush*

    i'm planning get the tattoo colored this weekend, if my flu is over by then, cos the tattoo artist said no tatsing when you're sneezing...aha...

    big giggly huggy huggy to my queen :*

  6. Tatsing when sneezing, hahaha, must remember this. *H-U-G my sweet* *see, it's a humungus hug*