Thursday, April 29, 2010


Forgot what date it is again T_T !
A too late scratching for The Dancing Animal's latest theme; Lemi The Space Wanderer, which got me thinking of David and of course, my little sweetie sister Lemi.

[ illustrator ]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sitting in a tin can far above the world

" planet earth is blue and there's nothing i can do "

{ link from bhakti }

Monday, April 26, 2010

rusty corner, i recognize...

...a lifetime home in yellow and blue.
...a lifetime holiday you are too.

{ card design: a 2008 greeting card project at DesignLab, with paper from Paperina, printing by Harapan Prima, and laser cutting by Gusto }

[ illustrator + photoshop ]

the ghost master competition

My ghoulish friend SuddenlySudden summons you all to enter their ghost master competition, with infernal prizes awaiting... Let's let's!

{ image from their ghost master annunciation }

Monday, April 19, 2010

rad envy

Your work is indeed, oh so very delicious.

{ pictures from rad hourani }

If I could, my closet would be filled with all your designs only.

Friday, April 16, 2010

things i admire in others, volume 07.

Strength. In an amount thicker than she might know she has. So thick that she had helped me to have more myself. My darling best friend.
{ a thing about Ipit }

{ her illustration of herself in springfield }

things i admire in others, volume 06.

Absolute coolness. Not once in our many years of friendship I hear a girly nag from this very cool girl. Not even once.
{ a thing about Peni }

{ picture from her self portraits }

things i admire in others, volume 05.

Intense character. Twins with distinctively distinct natures. So beautifully intriguing as if I'm seeing characters in some mystery novel.
{ a thing about Yola and Ochie }

{ pictures from the magical works of peni }

ps: I will never forget how the two of you stood by me the whole time when I was loosing Papi :')

Thursday, April 15, 2010

jello lament

jello in a cake jar
how did you get this far
you're sticky and ugly
among the cakes so lovely
green or yellow it doesn't matter
either way you'll just flap and water
put on some cream to look yum
they say anyhow you still look dumb
put on some syrup put it on some more
apparently for them you just smell like a whore
so jello oh so mellow
just go back home and hide behind the shadow

the girl who walks on balloons

Drawing Evita again. Practicing drawing is so much fun when the object is this cute!

the girl who walks on balloons
tells a tale made in three teaspoons
of when she grows up someday soon
she'll be sunshining on the moon
she'll be traveling like legendary tunes
and when she's parting her cocoon
she'd still be walking on balloons

{ cooked up based on her photo here }

It's so flattering every time you ask me to draw you, my very stylish friend! ;">

[ pencil + photoshop ]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

things i admire in others, volume 04.

Golden silence. Damn good example of no yapping, just a lot of damn good creating.
{ a thing about Bhakti }

Here's a look at one of his damn good creating.

swap pack

A little something something sent for an Art Swap project. Just hope it'll reach the designated continent earlier than late... :'o

* playing: Send Me A Postcard - Shocking Blue

Monday, April 12, 2010

jolly jelly giveaway

Evita Nuh is doing a giveaway!!! Lookit all those yummy items she has kindly prepared!!! *drool drool...
Go there now!!!

{ picture from her first giveaway }

click click from yola

Yola sent these photos of the cards I drew for Rory's kekah gift and the old bookmarks with our drawings for Rory's seventh month celebration.

Thankiu for the photos, Maaak! *smooch smooch

[ pencil + pen + watercolor + photoshop ]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

will hill

but the fool on the hill
in this place keeping perfectly still
trying to meet up the house and the bill
trying to meet up the original will
trying to meet up the healing pill

well there's never been a healing pill
it's really all about the will
someday when it's not all about the bill
just in case in this body it stays still
the fool is meeting up jolly on that dreamed about hill