Monday, September 20, 2010

suddenly blanc, part 1

Horay! They are finally launched! These are the latest commission work I did for my friend, Suddenly.

I got the privilege to draw six Suddenly characters according to my own interpretation. Fun aaand heart-thumping!

FloLady and Ziggy Zdarlight are sent to haunt the bags (go here to see the products).

For the rest of the series, we'll have to wait a little longer to see where Suddenly commands them to go!

{ blanc, flolady }

{ blanc, ziggy zdarlight }

ps: thank you bloody thank you Suddenly for inviting me to participate in your ghostly works! :">

[ pencil + watercolor ]

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{ my seven sketches } week02: dirty little secret

{ the silent smelly victory, a true story }
it was a third grade story,
in the year nineteen ninety.
with a class teacher who hated me, for being so fat and oh so clumsy.
afraid to tell him honestly, that my bladder was going blinky.
so on my chair i peepeed secretly, with my skirt sponging carefully.
the stinky number one went smoothly, with absolute notice by nobody.
i still wonder how was it really, none figured out why the hell i was so smelly.

*playing: A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

{ for seven sketches }

Monday, September 6, 2010

the walrus and the dancer

It's the end of the world in a Tuesday night. It's a dry spell on heaven and hell with no food left to bite. Only two left on the table, the walrus and the dancer. With a gun to decide sooner than cancer. The answer is there in their Russian roulette. Whose fate will replace the main course's fillet.

{ a drawing for Cecil }

[ pencil + photoshop ]

her lollipop-colored work of art

Last month's Kamar's Bukan Bazaar was not only fun, but also full of surprises! I finally met Cecil, and got this aweeesome artwork she made for me! For me! For me! For me! *doing the butt dance*

The colors are oh so beautiful, even more than these photos can show. And she also wrote a lyric along with it:
"One lazy afternoon, Miss Tatiana taught her pet owl how to dance polka, while resting on her lollipop-colored sofa."

I wish I can really have that lollipop-colored sofa like you drew! And the owl! And the hair! And the blushing cheeks! And...and...and...

{ photos by O }

Thank you so much Cecil! This is sooo beautiful! I looove it a lot lot lot! :")

help nisa!

{ re-posted from blackenthered }

This is Anisa Tegar Insani { Nisa }. She is three and a half years old, but she still cannot walk and talk, with her 20 pounds body weight, and a brain which the doctor said to be smaller than the normal size. She is so small that she can fit into Yola's seven-months-baby's clothes.

Her family is very poor. Her mother had very insufficient nutrition when she was pregnant with Nisa. She barely could afford food than occasional cheap instant noodles that are terribly unhealthy. That's why Nisa was born in a bad condition.

Her father does all kinds of labour works, while her mother and grandmother take care of the house and Nisa, in a very tiny one-bedroom house, which can only allow them to sleep one at a time because there is no room for all four to have a good rest.

According to doctors at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, there is still hope for Nisa to improve her health, but she needs weekly therapy for that. To help her walk, she needs a specific pair of shoes to support her very tiny feet. The shoes cost one million rupiahs.

If you want to help Nisa, you can donate anything you can. Fund is collected in Yolanda Chandra's BCA account 5270505921. Food and clothes can be sent to Yola's mother in law { who lives right next to Nisa, and is helping to collect the stuffs for her }, Sri Widiastuti at Jl. Pasar Baru Timur Dalam 13B, Jakarta. Don't worry if you cannot donate or send anything, you can still participate by joining this Facebook group.

If you want to know further details, you can contact Yola at