Monday, September 20, 2010

suddenly blanc, part 1

Horay! They are finally launched! These are the latest commission work I did for my friend, Suddenly.

I got the privilege to draw six Suddenly characters according to my own interpretation. Fun aaand heart-thumping!

FloLady and Ziggy Zdarlight are sent to haunt the bags (go here to see the products).

For the rest of the series, we'll have to wait a little longer to see where Suddenly commands them to go!

{ blanc, flolady }

{ blanc, ziggy zdarlight }

ps: thank you bloody thank you Suddenly for inviting me to participate in your ghostly works! :">

[ pencil + watercolor ]


  1. it's such a great honor to make your awesome arts as part of Suddenly, mastaaaaaaaaa

  2. kalo bukan garagara suddenly nyuru gw bikin ziggy dulu, gwa ga mulemule menggambar lagi tuh, masi ngacay di kloset dowang :))

  3. Disturbing and haunting. The way I like them. You are wonderful!

  4. I love it ! Your arts are so great ! :D <3