Monday, September 6, 2010

help nisa!

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This is Anisa Tegar Insani { Nisa }. She is three and a half years old, but she still cannot walk and talk, with her 20 pounds body weight, and a brain which the doctor said to be smaller than the normal size. She is so small that she can fit into Yola's seven-months-baby's clothes.

Her family is very poor. Her mother had very insufficient nutrition when she was pregnant with Nisa. She barely could afford food than occasional cheap instant noodles that are terribly unhealthy. That's why Nisa was born in a bad condition.

Her father does all kinds of labour works, while her mother and grandmother take care of the house and Nisa, in a very tiny one-bedroom house, which can only allow them to sleep one at a time because there is no room for all four to have a good rest.

According to doctors at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, there is still hope for Nisa to improve her health, but she needs weekly therapy for that. To help her walk, she needs a specific pair of shoes to support her very tiny feet. The shoes cost one million rupiahs.

If you want to help Nisa, you can donate anything you can. Fund is collected in Yolanda Chandra's BCA account 5270505921. Food and clothes can be sent to Yola's mother in law { who lives right next to Nisa, and is helping to collect the stuffs for her }, Sri Widiastuti at Jl. Pasar Baru Timur Dalam 13B, Jakarta. Don't worry if you cannot donate or send anything, you can still participate by joining this Facebook group.

If you want to know further details, you can contact Yola at