Monday, February 22, 2010

drawing roses

Draft sketches for FloLady Feast's a little something something... So many more seasonings to do!

{ mademoiselle rouge, in the heart of the rose. mademoiselle fleur, in her eternal red pose. }

{ every each the night meets its middle, the house cat wonders a fiddleedee riddle, how is it the red lady portrait on the wall, possibly picks up one of the roses after all. }

And this is the invitation made by Yola. I LOVEEE Yola's drawings!

Friday, February 19, 2010

anthropologie sweetie vol. 02

If I were ever to win a billion dollars, it is not diamonds or pearls to conquer...all the shoes in the world would suffice.
Some will surely come from Anthropologie, like these darlings...

{ wild meadow booties }

{ the space between the wedges }

{ stunt double booties }

{ shape emerge oxfords }

{ reverse lace ups }

{ intermission heels }

{ grevy's wedges }

{ go for gold booties }

{ fresh water t straps }

{ foil-wrapped heels }

{ extra mustard platforms }

{ corsage booties }

{ conduit booties }

{ come one come all booties }

{ clara booties }

{ bound together booties }

Thursday, February 4, 2010

things i admire in others, volume 03.

Positivity. Being the real miss sunshine in this hardcore real life.
{ a thing about Irma }

things i admire in others, volume 01.

Genuine kindness. Even when they're treating you genuinely like shit.
{ a thing about Papi }

Happy birthday Papi! Easy on the steaks and cheese in heaven alright, you don't wanna be a bloated-tummy angel do you?! :D
Love you always!

*playing: Birthday - The Beatles

ungrateful bitch, volume 01.

A little calculation { carelessly } using one of Stefan Sagmeister's Things That I Have Learned In My Life So Far: "Complaining is silly. Either act or forget."

Complaining: "I'm sick of this job." > annoying + ungrateful > what do you have to complain, bitch?!

Silly: "Hellooo... finding a job these days is fucking hard." > dumb ass + no logic pms mind + it ain't about you, it's about ma and Lemi, bitch! > should think about how lucky you are compared to that homeless guy with no arm and no foot and no neck on the sidewalk or the blind and mute deft woman who was burnt alive with ten crippled children at home and a husband with cancer and a living dead conjoined fetus on his ass.

Act: "Quit." > reasonable option > no food on ma's table + no penny in Lemi's college piggy > fuck shit. Or "Get another job in another design agency in Jakarta." > same shit different ship > same "nobility" of another business people. Or "Make your own agency." > hello, I'm a working-class bitch in a third-world country > not possible for now.

Forget: "Stick in it anyway." > suck it up bitch + why did you get into this in the first place anyway + get a grip and just live it + shut the fuck up > more fucks in the jar > no solution with the too much swearing and no logic.

Yeah it's true. It is silly. :D

*playing: How Soon Is Now - The Smiths