Monday, February 22, 2010

drawing roses

Draft sketches for FloLady Feast's a little something something... So many more seasonings to do!

{ mademoiselle rouge, in the heart of the rose. mademoiselle fleur, in her eternal red pose. }

{ every each the night meets its middle, the house cat wonders a fiddleedee riddle, how is it the red lady portrait on the wall, possibly picks up one of the roses after all. }

And this is the invitation made by Yola. I LOVEEE Yola's drawings!


  1. how come your works seems never stop amazed me? looooveee it! :D

  2. aaawh thank you so much Evita! you've just made my day (well's 10.42 pm already!) :">
    *blush blush*

  3. <3 the second picture!!! :D
    yang pertama detil rambutnya luar biasaaaaa...duh i love love love your works!

  4. aww aww aww trimaaa kasiiii cecillia!!! :">

  5. always a big fan of your work mastaaaaaaaaaa

    why do u put mine? destroying everything ajjajaja

  6. btw, very nice copy u put in the invitation...
    greeeat job, as always

  7. aaaw maaaak mi lop yorrrssss! <3
    ekekekekekek mmm copy...mmm pengen kopi...blm ngopi hari ini mak lagi teler...