Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a different kind of looly

One done at last weekend's watercolor workshop by Emte.
Ain't no easy thang when you don't have his hundreds-of-years experience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

lovely looly

looly is a big strong bully
a bully with a talent for being rackety
because she got heaps of money
and a powerful family

looly is most of the time angry
but she likes to believe she's lovely
cos all the cash-throwing charity
makes it okay for her to be bitchy

looly's friends think she's just being funny
they think it's okay, she's just being adorably looly
so it's no biggie if she gets tremendously cocky
it's everyone's job to understand that she is simply dicey

if this poem ever got caught by looly
yours truly will be killed probably
cos looly believes she is lovely really
from all the charity and money and powerful family

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Print illustrations for Patrick Owen's Spring/Summer 2015; Maharati, Ruh Maharati, and Bukit Maharati (with parts of collage taken from Anton Ismael's artworks).

Stylist: Zico Halim.
Campaign Photographer: Ifan Hartanto.
Assistant Photographer: Mandra & Andy LG.
Catalogue Photographer: Murenk.
MUA: Lala Barbie.
Hair: Jeffry Welly @ Studio 47.
Shoes: Ugna.
Models: Advina, Anna V., Darell, Jessie, Timi, Valya - Wynn Models.
Prints Artist: Tatiana Romanova Surya, Anton Ismael.
Jakarta Fashion Week photos: Ifan Hartanto - Oktomoto.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"jets are like comets at sunset"

Found this interesting post today from an Instagram account @nyinyirfashion, presenting a printed tee (produced by Patrick Owen with my artwork on it) next to a piece by Givenchy, inviting discussions from readers about originality, speculations about Patrick Owen's piece being a copycat to Givenchy's.

I made the original artwork "The Myriad Man" for an article titled "Illustrators and Their Muses" that was published in L'Officiel Indonesia's October 2013 edition. Oh, the muse I chose was David Bowie, not Givenchy :)

The artwork was then requested for a limited edition printing by Patrick Owen, a fashion designer I respect and love. It was further modified with additional elements to complement the layout within the shirt pattern.

Obviously in my work in graphic design, illustration, I have many influences absorbed from those I admire respectfully: Egon Schiele, Tim Burton, and my own personal super guru: Yasser Rizky, who introduced me to the amazing works of Marian Bantjes, Stefan Sagmeister, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and so many other, that eventually perhaps become also somewhat an influence, inspiration. These influences, if ever seen, would be a compliment happily received for someone who still has too many more to learn, like me.

Though in recent years I have had opportunities for collaborations related to fashion, unfortunately, knowledge of the fashion world is something I have very little of, including works of fashion designers around the world, such as this Givenchy piece, which I have never seen before, until today.

As far as I am from such impressive traits of a maestro, I am an ordinary human like anyone else, who would firmly hold the values I believe in what I do, which do not include stealing nor copying, nor anything disrespectful.

Must you believe me? Clearly no. Please do continue to believe what you want to believe, as I will continue to do what I do, not for the sake of anyone's acceptance, merely as a genuine answer to one's own "calling" in life :D

*playing: Jets - Blur

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

on {stupidly} staying in the same boat with too few to trust

Never mind the {obvious} bullshit.
Finish yer side of the bargain {then you can fuck off}.
{Meanwhile} Keep dancing.


*playing: Army of Me - Bjork

Friday, October 3, 2014

{not} fitting in

Self portrait for Cosmopolitan Indonesia's anniversary edition, for an article by Joan Rumengan.

Monday, September 15, 2014

firm. pert. cheeky. part 2!

Yasser Rizky is going to participate in the 5th Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design 2014, opening at Grand Kemang Hotel, September 24, 2014. His work “Tomorrow Today Yesterday” will be exhibited until November 7, 2014.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Illustration for an article by Michael Pondaag, "Fashion Art Now", Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, August 2014.

Fashion Editor: Michael Pondaag
Photographer: Insan Obi
MUA: Qiqi Franky
Stylist Assistant: Michelle Othman
Illustrator: Tatiana Romanova Surya

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Previous prints illustrations Angel of Resurrection, Remorse, Afterlife, Altar, Mary Rose, Mary Deconstruct, Bowie, and Lily, are out in sweaters and tees, available at Patrick Owen's online heirloom.

Stylist: Zico Halim.
Photographer: Ifan Hartanto.
Make Up: Eva Lovira.
Hair: Jeffry Welly @ Studio47.
Shoes: Weda Agustino.
Model: Simona, Vincent.

Prints Illustrator: Tatiana Romanova Surya. 

Bowie and Lily are adaptations from earlier fashion editorial projects, specially requested for Patrick Owen's limited edition collection.

{ revelation }

Print illustration and look book design for Patrick Owen's Fall/ Winter 2014 collection.

The collection also introduces a different range of stunning print illustrations by Anton Ismael, available at Patrick Owen's online heirloom.

Stylist: Zico Halim.
Photographer: Ifan Hartanto.
Make Up: Eva Lovira.
Hair: Jeffry Welly @ Studio47.
Shoes: Weda Agustino.
Prints Artist: Anton Ismael, Tatiana Romanova Surya.
Model: Simona, Vincent.

Graphic Designer: Tatiana Romanova Surya.

*playing: Révélation - College