Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"jets are like comets at sunset"

Found this interesting post today from an Instagram account @nyinyirfashion, presenting a printed tee (produced by Patrick Owen with my artwork on it) next to a piece by Givenchy, inviting discussions from readers about originality, speculations about Patrick Owen's piece being a copycat to Givenchy's.

I made the original artwork "The Myriad Man" for an article titled "Illustrators and Their Muses" that was published in L'Officiel Indonesia's October 2013 edition. Oh, the muse I chose was David Bowie, not Givenchy :)

The artwork was then requested for a limited edition printing by Patrick Owen, a fashion designer I respect and love. It was further modified with additional elements to complement the layout within the shirt pattern.

Obviously in my work in graphic design, illustration, I have many influences absorbed from those I admire respectfully: Egon Schiele, Tim Burton, and my own personal super guru: Yasser Rizky, who introduced me to the amazing works of Marian Bantjes, Stefan Sagmeister, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and so many other, that eventually perhaps become also somewhat an influence, inspiration. These influences, if ever seen, would be a compliment happily received for someone who still has too many more to learn, like me.

Though in recent years I have had opportunities for collaborations related to fashion, unfortunately, knowledge of the fashion world is something I have very little of, including works of fashion designers around the world, such as this Givenchy piece, which I have never seen before, until today.

As far as I am from such impressive traits of a maestro, I am an ordinary human like anyone else, who would firmly hold the values I believe in what I do, which do not include stealing nor copying, nor anything disrespectful.

Must you believe me? Clearly no. Please do continue to believe what you want to believe, as I will continue to do what I do, not for the sake of anyone's acceptance, merely as a genuine answer to one's own "calling" in life :D

*playing: Jets - Blur

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

on {stupidly} staying in the same boat with too few to trust

Never mind the {obvious} bullshit.
Finish yer side of the bargain {then you can fuck off}.
{Meanwhile} Keep dancing.


*playing: Army of Me - Bjork