Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{ my seven sketches } week02: dirty little secret

{ the silent smelly victory, a true story }
it was a third grade story,
in the year nineteen ninety.
with a class teacher who hated me, for being so fat and oh so clumsy.
afraid to tell him honestly, that my bladder was going blinky.
so on my chair i peepeed secretly, with my skirt sponging carefully.
the stinky number one went smoothly, with absolute notice by nobody.
i still wonder how was it really, none figured out why the hell i was so smelly.

*playing: A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

{ for seven sketches }


  1. she's so cuteeee! :) aku kangen digambarin sama kak Tatiana lagi, always excited waiting for your drawings, :D draw me more draw me more! :D hehehe

  2. Popooooookkk cepetan terbitin bukuuuu!!!

  3. evita! you're always on my to-draw list, and i have a little something something planned for you, so please wait for it dear ;"D

    ceciiil kmrn gwa liat buku hiu ilustrasi lu di gramed. huwaaa lutunaaaa, jadi ga ingin makan sushi lagih X"D

    maaaak maaci maaak! masi beler neh, hari pertama kerja setelah 2 minggu hibernasi!