Thursday, August 5, 2010

sweaty sunny hey

{ sunny sum of the bazaar }

{ kamar's tasty-lookin pillows }

{ blackenthered and smokey o }

{ suddenly's shirts }

{ locotita! }

{ ipit with ziggy volume 01 }

{ yasser with ziggy volume 02 }

{ miss ong lookin pretty with ziggy volume 03 }

{ sneakers spot }

{ dreamy darlings by tea for two }

{ the sweetest smitten lady }

{ the tall sleepy curly man }

{ a nice man with a very nice tattoo }

{ irresistible cuties at vantiani & mikisi's table }

{ lookie lookie, delicious loic loic }

{ toi moi's comfy corner }

Thanks Suddenly's for inviting me to assist yer haunted spot! Happy to meet new friends, our dangerously shop-urging neighbor Juju and Connie (errr do I spell it rite?) + Vantiani and Mikisi, whose oh so vintage table was my favorite at the bazaar + the coolest tattoo on the neck, property of Mr. Glenn, our right corner kind neighbor + Mba Ida from the unbelievably crafty Retrogogo + finally meeting Miss Daysz for the first time, yeah mamih it's like we've known you for ages though we've just met! + of course, my long-awaited-to-meet friend, Cecil who gave me an amaaazing surprise which I will be posting soon after!

Mucho thanks also to Jule + Miss Ong for shopping by and for the ride home! :"D

(Photos from Blackenthered & Smokey O's click click at Kamar's Bukan Bazaar.)

*playing: Sunday Morning - Margo Guryan


  1. warnanya kok keren banget iiiiiiih XD

  2. iiih ihhh hihihihi trimakasi kepada sotopop dan picnik tentunyah :"D

  3. mastaaaaaaa
    makaci yaaa dah bantuiiin
    btw ini bukan bazaar bukan sekarang tp di masa lalu ya
    keyen amaatttt

  4. sama samaaaa maaaaaak! senang sekalih ikut ikutan!!!
    hihihihi bukan sihir bukan sulap bukan begitu bukan setan biasa bukan?

  5. seru ya...
    sayang nggak bisa kesana kemaren...
    editan fotonya bagus, pake apa ya,hehe....


  6. iya seruuu. mogamoga lain kali bisa mampir :)
    editan photoshop dan picnik, menyenangkan! :D

  7. keyen...
    warnanya adem,,,

  8. waahh diupload! ada saia... senangnya :D
    keren Nov warnanya!

  9. ada downg ada downg!
    trima kasiii...biasa mul belel belelan soalnya mata gwa rabun nyahahahahaha :D