Thursday, August 19, 2010

loony in the sky with almonds

John popped by and took me for a stroll in the yellow submarine. We went to the pub, the toilet, the octopus' garden, and anywhere in between. He healed my wounded eyes, and replaced them with lemon-flavored diamonds. He walked me back home, and before he said good bye, he tucked me in the sky with almonds.

{ loony water-coloring practice with yasser }

[ pencil + pen + watercolor + photoshop ]


  1. i like it :) -Dian Tarmizi-

  2. ayo nyanyi sama2
    loony in the sky with almonds!
    loony is hungry eat almonds!

  3. aaaw thankiu Dian!

    ayo mak! *uget uget towel towel*

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  5. haha...please make the real Lucy in the Sky with Diamond doooong....hehe...