Friday, August 20, 2010

tea trim myfanwy

it's tea time, myfanwy!
me whiskers are dry and thirsty, said alfie.
why not you come, myfanwy?
yer tea better not be cold already.
wouldn't you love to see me new suit, myfanwy?
the new suit i've asked you since early.
the new suit you have not got me, myfanwy.
the new suit i must sew meself, said alfie.
the new suit that looks like you, myfanwy.

oh bloody owl, cries alfie.
how have i forgotten already?
this new suit i've hoped you'd fancy.
it's trims of yer body, myfanwy.
oh no, oh well, too badly.
now i get to show it to nobody.
but let's not be all too weary.
though you cannot come, myfanwy.
me whiskers are dry and thirsty, said alfie.
so it's still time for tea time, myfanwy!

and i'll remember you, myfanwy.
every time i do me laundry.

[ pencil + photoshop ]

*playing: Neighborhood - Space


  1. as beautiful as always! always have and always been your number one fans! :D

  2. Okay, so i'm your number two fan! You got 2 loyal followers already you could start a cult club called Popokism! XD

  3. thaaankiu a mucho evita & mek & cecil!
    i'm tomato-blushed-blushed now :""D

    hahaha jangan cecil, nanti kalo tim popokism kitimuan harus pake popok semua loh, kita minarinari di api unggun mimanggil ujan keju...mmm

  4. i'm no ZERO
    the alpha and omega
    i am your mak and your greatest fan MUAHAUHUAHUA

  5. myfanwynya davey tomas?? :))) ... sadissss :D

  6. muwaahahahahaha ampun maaak *tebar tebo*

    bukan neng, myfanwy temennya daffyd, the only gay in the village :))

  7. iya ituh maksudnya haha, salah nulis ane :)))