Wednesday, August 12, 2009

skeptical sketches, volume 1

Heart drawings.
Can not draw.
Want to learn to draw.
Am learning to draw.
Heart learning to draw.

Seeing these oldie sketchies reminds me to practice some more :D

Once I applied a design job at a local TV. They rejected after seeing my drawing in the psychological test. My friend told me, that her friend that was working at that local TV said my drawings were too ...creepy... they were worried that I'm some kind of a psychopath or whatever...hahaha... :P

{ unworthy polly }

{ along }

{ beautiful }

{ je t'aime }

{ loathe e }

{ loca zbeiderinovskova }

{ mrs. toe scheiphenhyre }

{ my one-eyed cookie }

{ pour me a pile of milk }

{ toe scheiphenhyre }