Monday, November 15, 2010

suddenly's little monstews awe hewe...wun fow youw life!!!

My fwiend in dawkness, Suddenly, is weleasing hew evil monstews! Cute little cweepews fow youw little dawlings! Go thewe to peek peek and buy buy! >:"D

*Clue: replace the "w" with "r", then you can go "aaa" and kick me in the nuts...

{ images fwom Suddenly's lil monstew welease }


  1. aaaaaaaaa adowable!!!! XD
    genius Ghost giwl and gwimweapew! XD

  2. your style is amazing..i love your illustrations!

  3. thank you so much meg! what a delight to get a comment from someone who is absolutely brilliant herself! your work is supeeerb! :)