Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{ very blurry click clicks of } kopi keliling volume o4

{ ario anindito }

{ cecillia hidayat }

{ dika toolkit }

{ nugraha pratama }

{ prasajadi heru lastiko }

{ ritchie ned hansel }

{ ykha amelz }

{ tatiana romanova surya }

{ jules tjitra }

{ isrol triono }

{ monica hapsari }

{ basith ibrahim/ puppetvector }

{ eko bintang }

{ rukmunal hakim }

{ citra marina }

With many thanks to everybody at Kopi Keliling, and a special sunshiny thanks to Lala Bohang for inviting me to participate.

For decent picture quality, take a peek at Kopi Keliling's Facebook. My lame ass mobile camera just can't handle their wonderful work!


  1. WOWWW!!! Kerreeeen....!!! Thanks for sharing, girl! So great to see these incredible talents of Indonesia... (^_^)

  2. thank you Amalia! yeees they are all super wonderful! :">

  3. And of course first one tops them all.

    Mysterious Popa full of surprises, do you perhaps own any kind of email at your mansion, where I can drop a line or thirty? This I wanted to ask a while ago ... Time flies by with a rapid movement.

  4. Uriiii *screaming my butt out*

    you like the first one the most? yes he is an amazing illustrator! not to mention that he's making dracula! *we are cheering with our bloody hearts*

    you can haunt me at yahoo, my queen, at pakcoy_rainbow@yahoo.com

    yeees Uri everything's moving so fast i think i'm going nuttier every day! :))

  5. Here we go ... *snickers* Popok Poppy Popaaaa!

    Not liking the first one most, I just wanted to have your email, and quickly that is. Dracula was utterly convenient ... *smirks* *you are being haunted*

    Getting into details I didn't do before *talking 'bout quickly*, I do like muchos he made Dracula, the colours, atmosphere etc., but zooming it in ~ his fingernails are round, skulls grinning too friendly ... Nevertheless, ario anindito, cecillia hidayat, dika toolkit, ykha amelz, tatiana romanova surya *howl howl hoooowl* and rukmunal hakim catched my eyes immediately; I but enjoy exploring all drawings displayed, anywhere, with cognitive approach.

    You know already how I feel about your art, but seeing your 'proserpine' & 'penie le smokie' gave me that gasping Wow, how does she do that! arise again. You could easily do animations, books; if that would be of your interest. Familiar with The secret of Kells? You made me think of it.

  6. Ahhh, there we go with html language again.

    The secret of Kells, take two

  7. aaa yes Uri, am currently digesting your mail and will be replying soon, as soon as i get my focus back, am currently a bit twirly and floaty from the cold hihihi :">

    ooh yes, i really really really want to make a book, something like tim burton's the melancholy death of oyster boy and other stories, where i can scrap down my drawings and little writings together...

    have just seen the secret of kells from you! *and will be looking for the movie now!*
    looks yummy!

    will be haunting you again soon my bloody queen! *biiiiig smooches*

  8. Oooh dear Popa! I was wondering if you are maybe down with a cold.
    No rush, keep digesting slowly, we have tons of time.

    What a wonderful book proposal. Prosperous even, pleased to hear about it. *cheers with vampiric goblets and eerie ingredients*

    Until soon,
    (s)muchos *gigaaantic* loving thoughts sending your way, my bloody sweet cheeks.