Monday, November 19, 2012

i could be wrong i could be right, vol.09

You can believe what you believe, you can campaign how life's all beautiful in a pretty candy-sweet sunshiny wonderfulness.

I believe what I believe, that them candy-sweet shit come also with fucked-up killers and blood-spilling calamities.

I believe that I prefer to have them fucked-up calamities acknowledged, not covered with sugar-coated denials.

I believe that by acknowledging them fucked-up calamities does not mean I would declare war to kindness and hope and joy.

I believe that them candy-sweet shit and fucked-up calamity are all part of these chaotic random spins we're all bound to meet. That there is beauty in both.

I believe that in this chaotic randomness, we all have the same chance, same risks, to live, to do what we want, to fight for what we dream of, cos no one's destined to be better or worse than other.

I believe that in better or worse, this freaking life is always worth living for, be grateful for.

You can believe what you believe.

I believe that you've no need to shove your sugar-coated belief down my arse, as I not to you.

And I definitely believe, I've talked too much.

*playing: Sing Your Life - Morrissey

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