Saturday, July 6, 2013

bloom in gloom

A story book by FloLady Ochie.
Illustrations by Yola Blackenthered.

Just like greeting her {the Author} for the very first time nine years ago, opening this book gives a similar feeling of familiarity, as if you've already known her for years, but at the same time also a sense of mystery, since she was actually someone I had never met face to face before. And it was {is} lovely.

Following Crestfallen and her flowers and cigarettes, also gives a similar feeling of recognition, through some of the scenes I might had encountered along our time together in the past, but at the same time also a sense of revelation, from her personal adaptations of the things she had suffered, persevered, and conquered throughout the years, that was probably never completely visible to everyone, including myself. And it is spiritual.

Finishing this book eventually brings me a feeling of admiration, for her courage in acknowledging frailty, her strength in persisting for herself, her honesty in being human, whom just like many of us is always in a perpetual cycle of the fight for happiness. And it is {will always be} worthy.

{ from a very proud friend }

Email to get this beautifully illustrated book, printed in hard cover, with fancy paper. The price is IDR 109.000 or 12 USD (exclude shipping). For Indonesian-areas delivery, they'll be using JNE services. For international delivery, they'll be using Indonesian Regular Post Service.