Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"supposed former infatuation flunkie"

Recently, in a collaboration project, my illustrations turned out to be terribly disappointing, up to the point where I do not even know if they were eventually accepted or still rejected by the running parties. Perhaps my collaborators are just too disappointed on how I had ruined their works, that they have no more energy to inform me about the final situation.

Lessons learned:

01. It is not possible to treat an illustration project as I would a graphic design project all the time. They expect an illustrator's style as they see in the portfolio, not a graphic designer's solution that might take different ways than what's usually shown in said portfolio.

02. Or maybe I just suck, simple as that :D

03. It has been a valuable experience to remind oneself the importance of self limitation. When you're not sure that you have enough time ideally to create, then for whatever reason, do not take the project. Ever.

04. Regarding qualifications to be worthy for the label of an illustrator, I  clearly am not an illustrator. I just love creating visuals, whether it is in the form of a drawing, a graphic design, whatever. Though honestly, I don't really care of what label I might be given in what I do.

05. In regards of oh holy suckness, it will not stop me to do what I do. I love this shit, whether they love it or hate it. And I will continue to do said shit heartfully, because it makes me happy. As selfish as it can be, I never did it for the sake of world peace :P

In the end, I hope they managed to find a good solution for the project, so that their hard work did not go to waste. For myself, I hope I will manage to be more selective in accepting projects, so that my hard work will not go to waste.

And always, a big thanks for them who had given me their trust to collaborate in many different things :) 

*playing: Thank U - Alanis Morissette

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