Wednesday, September 9, 2009

anthropologie sweetie vol. 01

Another round of dreamy yummy o pretty pairs from Anthropologie. O la la...!

*unnecessary yet undeniable cruelty slash eye candy in the middle of a lunch hour in the office

For the love of God I want em all!!! :D


  1. thank you so very much for the lovely comment dear! :) oh and those shoes are to die for, if that's the right expression. i really do love them all. so vintage and lovely <3

  2. you're very welcome Eliza!:)
    yeees, true! they are to die for :D

  3. They are all so spunky and cool and chic...though the cream and tan mary janes are my personal favorite.

  4. { Indie.Tea } yes they are! i heart the yellow ones a lot...they're so sunshiny :">

    { Marla Singer } yes! fabulous indeed! ;"D

  5. lucu2 sepatunya :)
    i want it toooo