Friday, September 11, 2009

today's ensemble, yorkie yorke

Being all giddy seeing the fun from The What I Wore Today drawings, I got me mine too for today :D

{ a lazy day's ensemble: a messy hair + yasser's lime green thom yorke shirt + my favorite corduroy brown skirt + brown leggings + my dearest petite cupcake's white oxfords + mami's old white necklace worn as bracelets + huge white bracelet + round red black polka ring }

Holy dude...I really need to get a haircut :P

[ illustrator + photoshop ]


  1. oh that is lovely! i love white oxfords :) thank you so much for the lovely comment, you were too sweet. i'm sure one day you'll experience the beauty of autumn <3

  2. what an intersting blog to find goodie! your so creative! :)

  3. thank you eliza! those white oxfords are my most favorite pair right now :">
    and you're very welcome! i will be looking forward to experience autumn :)

  4. awwwh thank you so much soné ... *blushing* :">

  5. I need a haircut myself.
    What a cute drawing, the outfit is very cute esp. the shoes and the bracelets.

  6. oh thank you Indie.Tea :)
    my friend's been my personal loyal barber these last few years, as I am to him...a great way to get free detailed cut in my own room :))

    let's let's get ourselves a lovely new haircut! :D

  7. oh, this is such a lovely idea! your outfit looks very beautiful, i love the white oxfords especially ♥

  8. thank you so much Suzannah! I am very much in love with the white oxfords! they always make my day :">