Monday, December 14, 2009

a fine fine fine day

Last month's twenty-first was the first time I see a red-cheeked glowing slow-moving Yola with a fat tummy. Yola the killer is seven months knocked-up!

Last month's twenty-first was full with omelets and pastas and pastries and fries and Ipit's mom's famous bacang and mohyang and never-ending sweets more than we thought we could finish.

Last month's twenty-first was kinda officially a reunion for our gang since we were all there, the five of us, after a long long long time.

Last month's twenty-first was spent with my beautiful pregnant best friend who used to sleep over with her disco night-lamp watching Friends after our Indomie dinner with her favorite Teh Botol in her hands. { ...and now with baby stuff in her hands...unbelievable! }

Last month's twenty-first was surely a fine fine fine day!

{ Yola is madly in love with Emily The Strange. Yasser and I ordered these cupcakes from Hernov. }

{ the Pa and Ma to be, trying out our present, the baby monitor with music player and image projector. }

{ messages from all the aunties while the Ma is busy chocolating her teeth with a cupcake. }

{ bookmark set I designed for the guests' souvenir, with three of Yola's drawings, and two of mine. }

Pictures from Yola and Iyan's documentation.

* playing: Miss Black - Ladytron


  1. wakakakakak
    lampu disko dan indomieeeeeeee
    i misss those moments
    we had great days pok, and i feel blessed to have a twin,a poopy, a smokie and a master as daughters.
    and i know more great days, even greater dan before, await us <3
    i cherish our friendship, it's wayyyy beyond fellowship of the ring.

    it's fellowship of the unbreakable indomie,
    it's fellowship of the unbreakable teh botol,
    it's fellowship of the unbreakable lampu disko

    love you my pokiiiiiii

  2. iya makkk i really lop yor lampu disko you know =)) sangat menghibur apalagi waktu kita begadangan ngeprin dan ngemokap kikikikiiki

    ai mis dem tuuu...tidak ada yang bisa mengalahkan indomie kafe palem sebelum ngeFriends sepulu sisen (trimikasi bang Iyan tentunya yang segitu niatnya ngeburn atu atu dari ultra eee trus gwa maling lagih)

    love you mucho mucho satusatunya orang yang gwa rela berbagi suami...legolas...biarpun lu jadi bini kesayangan yg digendong kmanamana kalo gwa aja digilindingin...hihihihihihi (at least kita berbagi aib kan pernah kawin ama lego yang bego)

    hey, you're one of my greatest blessings that I'm thankful for and keep me going in my butt :)

  3. ahahahah gila lo jgn bilang2 dong g ama iyan ngebajak 10 sisen ahahahahh

    blm lagi ketololan kita mau2nya dipoligamiin ama legolas ahahahahahahahah
    pasti dia pk charm nya sbg elf

    love uuuuuuuuuu my pokimir, daughter of boromir, second wife of legolas