Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{ popa }

It's December already near Christmas already where I miss you the most Papi!
Always a milky delight to look at these old pictures that you took, that reminds me of how I am your beloved daughter, and how you are my first best friend, and how proud I'll always be to be a part of someone as kind as you. <3

*playing: All You Need Is Love - The Beatles


  1. i miss papi, mami, lemy, and of course u poki!
    miss watching the VHS video that papi has, sitting nicely in his cabinet.
    miss lemy and her furry friends
    miss the famous cooking of mami

    i'm grateful to know your family and feel their warmth love
    and hopefully i can pay them a visit soon


  2. we love you a mucho and miss you too!!!
    come come later with rory too and iyan too!!!
    *sambil lu menambah ilmu perdaunbawangan lemi hihihihihi ;P
    mwaaaahhh! <3

  3. i will!!!
    lemy, my apprentice, wait for meeeeeeee