Friday, January 29, 2010

oi, niece!

Hello kid, pleasure to meet you. I'm your mom's annoying friend Pop. You can call me auntie Pop...or just Pop in that matter...hell I don't really believe in these kind of references. How do you do? How's earth so've been here for like days now aye?

I'd like to introduce me to you. I'm twenty seven years old. I like cheese and garlic and cheese. I like white and black and Pokka green tea. I like The Beatles and Ladytron and Phoebe Buffay, and I'm not gonna stop till tomorrow if we continue on this.

I love love love movies. I like learning to draw. I love shoes but haven't been able to afford plenty enough. I like vampires. I wish I can be as cool as David Bowie. I like bow ties, oxford shoes, top hats, and pipes.

I like Marlboro red. I love mascara, hate lipstick, love cheek blush. I wish I'm twenty pounds slimmer twenty centimeters taller. I poo too you now maybe...hey we got one thing in common already! I like your mom and your dad, and your flowery auntie, your smokie auntie, and your drunkie auntie, and your grandma whom I actually have not met in person till now...another common we have I'm sure {except for the grandma part}.

I like pretending to be French, and pretending to speak French. I love sartorial things. I love Southpark and Little Britain, they get into my head too far. Currently I've been feeling like an owl...not because I don't sleep at night...I just do with no particular reason. I procrastinate too often. I hate waking up early in the morning, but love the coffee part. And I imagine things too much.

Just a head start to get you to know case I won't have the chance to do it myself. Not really necessary, but see, I like babbling, that's why I'm doing this as I'm holding off going to the bathroom to pee right now cos I'm too lazy to get up from my chair.

Anyway, hope we'll meet again soon. For your potty training perhaps...well that part's not that soon...

As for now, sleep tight, eat right, kick your ma once in a while, be a good bad girl, and take it slow with the getting to know life on earth. It's gonna suck a lot...but the good days will come even much more!

It's beautiful here, sweetie!

{ picture from Iyan's album }


  1. awwwwwww
    rory is so lucky to have you pok

  2. kekekekeke and she's our lucky charm mascot tiger!!! arr arr! <3