Thursday, January 21, 2010

worry! mushy! happy! countdown to rory!

Ten a.m. January twenty first, two thousand ten. Twenty four hours from now, my killer best friend will be premiering her baby girl Rory through a cesarean section. She cannot have a natural delivery due to her asthma. So Rory's gotta surface through the tummy!

The twenty eighth was the original plan. However, since Rory's juggling up and down the hill too much in the womb, she's tangled by the umbilical cord now. They must commence sooner.

I think Rory just cannot wait longer to pop out and tickleedoodloo yap yap play with us! :"D

All the best prayers for you, for Iyan, for Rory. We love you so much, sister. Can't wait for our very first barbaric niece!
Roar roar darling Rory!

{ lady blackenthered in rory's thirty seventh week. picture from yola's blackenthepregnancy. }

*singing David Bowie's Space Oddity.... "...commencing countdown engine's on...check ignition and may God's love be with you..."


  1. i know i'll be okay cos i have a biatch daughta like you <3


    (ini usaha g yg ke 5 ahhaha)

  2. hwahahahaaha jadi buat lu five time's the charm (for blogspoting!)

    i'll be praying for you mak! <3