Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lilith tail, the ghost of the carousel mare

At the last day of the carnival, be sure to stay till dusk. The absence of the sun will offer you more than you wish for.

Forget not to come by the merry-go-round, the happiest ride for every boys and girls.

As the horses are running one by one, close your eyes, and whisper loudly in your heart, "Lilith Tail, Lilith Tail, Lilith Tail." The circle will stop, and there she will stand before you.

The raven-headed mare, dressed in the dragon armor. Lilith Tail, has arrived from your chants.

And as her head turns to your eyes, you will recognize, an irresistible offer for a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

Step up to her back, sit tight and pray might. She will fly you away, higher than any spirits can reach before heaven opens up its mouth.

She will sing you a song too beautiful to be true. But dare not to sing along, for its words are full of cursed calls:
"Here we go round at the merry-go-round. Where you leave the ground to the spirit's mound.
Here we go round at the merry-go-round. Where your soul is bound to never be found."

Ah, it is too too late. You've sang the song, and the words have been tied around your head. You have emerged into her spiritless rest.

But worry not, you will wake again tomorrow. You will wake again tomorrow, and find, how beautifully decorated you are, as one of her brand new mares in the circle of the carousel. A privilege to dance round in the merry-go-round, where you will forever never be found.

For SuddenlySudden's Ghost Master Competition.

[ illustrator + photoshop ]


  1. wooooooooooo!!!! XD hantu kuda yang sungguh manis :D

    eh btw, Tatiana, maap ya...ngajak sendiri mengingkari sendiri nih...huhuhuhu art trade nya bole diperpanjang gak waktunya? lagi didera-dera dedlen tak berdaya huhuhu maappppp :(( *ketauan belom bikin* :p

  2. wowoowow mastaaaaaaaa
    gaswat nih bs juara umummmmm

  3. cecilliaaa, ahahaha bole boleee! kapanpun lu ada waktu ajah! no problemo! ;"> gwa jg blom slesai hahahahahahahaha :"D

    woooo maaaaak yol,ah hrohi ah hrohiiiii :D