Wednesday, January 19, 2011

magnificent eight

Thank you oooh so acutely much Cecillia Hidayat for handing me one of the eight Stylish Blogger Award you passed on! Definitely a make-my-day surprise in this rubbish Wednesday of mine! *blush blush*

To continue this oh jolly good cheer, I am following { some of } the instructions { attached to the award } of:
#1 Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
#2 Share eight things about myself.
#3 Pay it forward to eight bloggers I've recently discovered.
#4 Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

I am skipping #2 and #4, and finish #3 with...

The Creme De La Crop
Some people say she's just lucky to be born in a family that can afford expensive clothes. I say, all rich people can buy expensive clothes, but not all have the taste to put two and two together and look that good. Wealth does not equal looking good. She looks good. She knows how to look good. She wears the clothes, not the opposite. So it's pretty damn impressive for me. Love ya, my chic little friend!

Smitten Irma
And the person is just as inspiring as the blog. Smitten, sunshiny, simple, honest, just name all the sweetest things you can think of. This blog reminds me to appreciate the little things in life that sometimes seems too little to notice, but truly are the dots that connect our whole life's happiness.

Doodle Doodle Dum Dum
Just when you think she can't go nuttier, she does. Love how her drawings can be cute and morbid at the same time! And her very humble nature cannot hide how cosmic her talent is.

No matter how colorful the world goes, she stays true to her black. I admire you, yes you, for being the mother that you are, with all the hardships. You have given yourself, without losing yourself.

Diela Maharani
Dreamyyy oooh so dreamy! I can't say anything else about this blog other than it's dreamyyy oooh so dreamy!

Margherita Morotti
I am sooo jealous of her artwork. They are supeeerb!

Not only a creator of cuuute and pretty and delightful sweetness, but also a generous genius who often kindly shares those artwork for people to freely download and enjoy!

Dead Wolf
What else to say...brilliaaant!

An award from me probably has little to no significance at all. So definitely no gratitude is expected. Their work have already served me well as my inspiration of the day, { almost } everyday.


  1. maksudmu aku gila? *menangis tersedu-sedu di pojokan*

  2. tentu saja! the little brilliant nutty! me likey!
    *ikutan nangis di pojokan"