Monday, January 10, 2011

wowy, fiwst biwthday evew!

{ fow wowy's pwemiewe annivewsawy }

Rory is going to be one years old this month...and her mommy and daddy are preparing a little celebration at home.

See you there little darling!

[ illustrator ]


  1. The best invitation ever! Do you made it kak? Look so awesome! And send my birthday wishes to little Rory!

  2. aaaw thankiu evita! yes i made it for her.
    i will surely send your wishes to rory :)

    i'm still in the middle of that little something i was planning for you. i wanted to give it to you on your birthday, but sadly i couldn't finish it on time :( too many work and too many other excuses got in the way :(
    i will be kicking my ass harder the next days and weeks ahead to complete it hopefully sooner than soon! :">

  3. waaahhh so can't wait!!! :D your works is always been my guilty pleasure! :D

  4. wow wow wow wowwyyyy! keren banget sih Popok! :D

  5. trimakasii aaaw kamuh bikin sayah ge er ajah! :"D