Monday, August 8, 2011

and i live beneath the wave... my { finally yellow } yellow submarine!

{ based on George Dunning's Yellow Submarine, design and tattoo work and photo by the amazing Mulie Addlecoat, Thinking Tree Tattoo. }

And there goes getting it done, bitch!


  1. Ooooh, fucking awe, bitch!
    ~ I actually saw it yesterday already, showed to my fucker and we both admired the beauty of it ~
    What a wonderful piece, you must be over-the-moon happy.
    I glare beneath your wave ...
    So beautiful, dear Popa. *I read it is La maison de Popa* I mean Popok, dear vampire sis.

    Feels like a breeze of freshness.
    *can't stop ...*

  2. Uri Uriii! yes yes i am super mega happy with it :">

    the colors in real are not as fresh as in the photo yet, they're still mixed up with the blood cos i bled a lot during the session, but he told me it'll fade out to the original colors later.

    Popa is what everybody in my family call me...not scary enough to be a vampy name huh... :))

    *humongous giggly wiggly vampy hug to my Queen*

  3. Now itchy scratchy (no scratchy!) healing week is on ... *so annoying* but yes, just as you said about the colours later on.

    ~ You can make Popa sound scary if somebody succeeds to piss you off ~

    *oooh, I'll become cheesy!*

  4. keren abis mastaaa
    sakit gaaa

  5. sakitnya tidak sesakit sakit hati kok mak...pasti kuat deh ahahahaha