Wednesday, August 17, 2011

suddenly hantu indonesia; anak sima & takau.

Project from Suddenly, illustrating local ghost tales for Indonesia's independence anniversary. Made a hand-drawn version that did not turn out as wanted in portraying the story. Hope this one also works better for Suddenly's demon lovers. The pose is adapted from a painting of Mother Mary and baby Jesus. The series is published by Suddenly today. Go there to see the rest of their local hauntings in t-shirts and tank tops!

Anak Sima & Takau
Origin: South Kalimantan
Anak Sima ("Anak" means "Child") is actually a baby born out of wedlock, who is abandoned in the forest by its mother. The newborn baby keeps on crying in the middle of the forest until the cry is heard by a Takau (a ghost from South Kalimantan folklore). The hungry Takau approaches the baby for prey, but eventually falls charmed after seeing the baby smiles when she touches it. The baby is then taken as a child by Takau and named Anak Sima.

Since then, a cry of a child is often heard in the forest. Enchanted, you will go seek where it comes from, until later find a beautiful looking child. Being approached, the child will call out "Uma" ("Mother"), stealing your pity and compassion. The child will ask to be carried on the back to go home with you. But along the way, you will start to feel enormous pain on your back, despite the light weight of the child. When you look behind, then you will realize, the child is eating the flesh of your back until it holes through your chest. The child is Anak Sima, whose favorite meal is a human heart.

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