Thursday, March 10, 2011

i could be wrong i could be right, vol.02

They say I am ignorant for not wanting to connect as much as they do. I say they are ignorant because they wouldn't { or couldn't } even try to consider that I might have reasonable { or probably unreasonable } reasons for not wanting to { or for not being able to }.

Even now in the twenty first century, { most } people find it odd and impossible for a human being to not wanting to settle down in dwellings of marriage, child-having, job-keeping, ikea-purchasing, car-owning, and all of their minions. I find that finding definitely odd.

They say I don't enjoy life enough because I don't go clubbing, flirting, tripping, and shit. I say they just don't know enough about the possibilities of life-enjoying, and shit.

*playing: Under Pressure - David Bowie


  1. i feel you. And if all those above make me an ignorant freak, so be it :)
    *hug Popok*

  2. uhuhuhuhu senangnya ada teman sepiling! :)
    *hug hug Cecil*

  3. Sheeple are generally angry and jealous at the ones who have the courage to be what they wish to be; and not what society dictates them.

    ... and dearest Popok! Your illustrations are fkn yummy.
    *there we go, finally I left a comment*

    *big warm hug*

  4. nice blog btw, mind to follow me?
    i follow you back then =)

  5. Uriii!!! thaaanks! it's fkn awesome to have a dark-winged visitor around! and you know, you've just add me a new word in english... "sheeple"! aha!
    *big spanky huuug*

    thank you for visiting, Pramudita! :)

  6. *grabs your hand*
    *wiggle scare-beast dance around the fire*