Monday, March 14, 2011

suddenly blanc, part 3

The series is finally complete! Evil Kuya and Skeleton are out to suffocate you! Go there to see the ties!
Thanks Suddenly for the exciting project! I love drawing yer ghosts!

{ blanc, evil kuya }

{ blanc, skeleton }

[ pencil + watercolor ]


  1. HOREEEEEE *duh jadi ge er*
    maaciih ceciiil! :"D

  2. ... and like I already said: AWE!

  3. Uriii! I just saw your picture with the ziggy bag in Peniti's album...whoohooow so thrilled that ziggy is haunting around in Slovenia!

  4. Yes Master Popok my lovely pretty and charming candy! I love your artworks, I also have Ziggy in tanktop, and my future order are your ties too. How cool is that. *stretches lips into a vanity smile with raised eyebrows*

  5. super cool Uri!!! *oversized grin on me face* i love the writing in your "about urska", it reminds me not to become a bloody whiny wanker and have more nuts to face fate and all the choices i still have on earth :"D
    *haiiil guru Urska*

  6. Ooooh Popok! You truly are my lovely pretty charming candy. Thank you ... *now see my oversized grin on me face and we can compete, woohoo*

    And I would like you to tell me the details about your future tattoo sometime ... You know, show me the pictures and how you came to the conclusion and stuffs. *another grin here comes*