Friday, October 23, 2009

coucou my dear invisible friend

Following the gals Yola, Ochie, and Fenny, I started playing the Friends For Sale game in Facebook. They're loving it a lot, cos the game got them to meet amazingly wonderful friends from around the world.
I don't get to make friends as much as they do, cos aside to that I'm not as active as they are in the game, apparently I'm not sociable at all even cyber-worldly hahaha :)) But from the few I have, they've been very kind and wonderful it got me amazed that we can actually make friendship connection with people you've never met in person.
This one is also my owner in the game, Masta Juice. His real name is Léonard. I like him because of his kindness, his great collection in the game, and also I learned little bits of French from him! Oui! And also that he has not released me from his collection even though I've been inactive for a very very long time :)) I love spoiling him with design posts on his wall, well at least that's the only thing I can do for a cyber good friend.
*thank you Léonard, you are superb! hope you're having fun in your trip around Asia. India will be wonderfully exotic I bet! take care Masta, bisous!


  1. Thank you so much to always spoil me so much i love it and makes me feel so special.

    Here's in a dream place steal dreaming at cozyness hope u r great and wish u so much luck.


  2. thanks for visiting here my dear Léonard! enjoy your dreamy trip, and take care! :)

  3. and i thought he was a she.....
    hope he's not angry at me pok :(

  4. ahahahaha i don't think he'll be angry :D
    masta is super nice! ;>