Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i wanna put a ribbon on your hair, rory

Today is just filled with great news! Ochie just told me about her new boyfriend, and Yola is now in her twenty five weeks of pregnancy, aaand the doctor has 90% confirmed that it's going to be a girl! The gang's first ever niece to be!
Can't help to imagine what little Rory will look like...

{ i bet you'll be way cooler than i imagine, dear niece. }

{ lady blackenthered in rory's twenty fifth week. picture from yola's blackentheworld. }

*wishing you a healthy three more months to come, a healthy delivery with ease, and a happy lifetime with the papa and the daughter! bisous!

[ pencil + photoshop ]


  1. kekekekekekekeke nanti gwa tularin ilmu eksibel (eek fleksibel) gwa ya :D

  2. noooooooooooooooo....
    minta doa restu buat dipost di fb g yak pokkkk

  3. ahahahahaha....
    horehorehore mamaaa!!! silahkaaaaan *sambil ge er