Monday, October 19, 2009

dracula, a final project

Thought I've lost all the files for good...turns out one of the backup CDs survives! These are some of the items of my {fictional} Bram Stoker's Dracula Theater Play promotional design back in 2004 made for the final project at college.
I decided to do something that I truly love, instead of socially noble issues that were famous at that time for high grade tendencies hihi :P Ah, screw the numbers! So what else do I love more...Dracula! {thanks to Ipit who encouraged me on this}
Unfortunately due to a very oh very limited budget I had, I couldn't afford any kind of photo shooting or image purchasing for the designs. So I scanned these dreamy photographs I found in an old W magazine edition, and edited them to death with these curly twirlies and stuff to meet my idea.
Though I surely never got any commercial (or anything more than an A) benefit from them, I really feel bad for using those awesome photographs without legal permission...
My sincere apologies to the wonderful photographer and art director and all the dreamy cast...and a big thank you for making my Dracula dream come true...specially in these two favorites of mine...

Here's the original images I scanned from the W magazine spread for those two posters...

*playing: All Is Full Of Love - Bjork


  1. Popok, dearest! My blood is impressed ...I mean, I'm bloody impressed. *swoons* *vampy girl lefts me falling on the floor because she is busy with the gaze*

    vampy = vampire + candy

    Uri lying on the floor,
    Popok staring ... Sounds like a varty!

    varty = vampire + party

  2. P.S.
    *lifts head*
    And Björk! *out again*

  3. HAHAHAHAHA a varty with you would be AWESOME Uriii! thank you my Queen, yer fancy is my privilege!

    wakey wakey Uriii, i got you this fresh Leto blood for yer breakfast! *evil giggling*